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  1. JackRussel

    Sammy Watkins: Rashod Bateman can be a “very special” wide receiver There is an update on Sammy Watkins. But it ends in September...
  2. JackRussel

    Lunchbreak: Vikings & NFL Teams Have Option for Alternative Helmets Beginning in 2022

    Ten seasons... That's not small. And I guess he'll be retiring soon. But he did quite a lot for the team, I enjoyed watching him play.
  3. JackRussel

    Mile High Morning: The football world congratulates Demaryius Thomas on his retirement from the NFL

    I rushed the first comment, I sorry. I have googled and found that Demaryius Thomas is dead...
  4. JackRussel

    Gordon joins Manziel in new league, owner says

    You linked to ESPN, but I prefer the way this site lists the player's stats - Maybe this will help those who need more advanced stats. The link is stats for Josh Gordon, but you can find any other player.