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  1. Johnny Football

    Week 1: Big Expectations/Big Letdown

    Aren't they all nice guys? Wince is a proven china doll.
  2. Johnny Football

    Week 1: Big Expectations/Big Letdown

    You lost Carson Wince today. All he does is get hurt and deposit big checks
  3. Johnny Football

    Week 1: Big Expectations/Big Letdown

    "Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth." -- Mike Tyson. Preseason means nothing. The mouth hitting doesn't start until week one
  4. Johnny Football

    Rob Gronkowski will become 22nd player to play in at least five Super Bowls

    Oh wow. Must be a really slow SB week to get garbage stories like this.
  5. Johnny Football

    Falcons hire Kyle Smith as vice president of player personnel

    When was that? Oh yeah I forgot all of their Lombardi trophies. :rolleyes: Atlanta's never had "winning ways" they're a perennial loser, except for odd seasons strung together where they might have 10-plus wins but then get stuffed in the playoffs.
  6. Johnny Football

    who is the Seattle Seahawk player in this autographed photo?

    Preseason game possibly, a player who didn't make the final roster? Strike game with replacement player?
  7. Johnny Football

    Dak Prescott prevents Cowboys from changing their mind and yanking the franchise tender

    He "prevented" something that was never going to happen. What a crock of shit this article is.
  8. Johnny Football

    Washington has never discussed Colin Kaepernick

    Nonsense -- IF he could actually play well at quarterback, he WOULD HAVE A JOB IN THE NFL.
  9. Johnny Football

    Lamar Jackson still “puzzled” over playoff loss

    Protect the BALL, stupid. You lost due to YOUR three turnovers. And that's it. Not from getting the ball out faster, or any other such shit. The opponent "steals" the momentum when you GIVE it to them with two picks and a lost fumble, dumbass. You're "puzzled" because you're stupid. And the...
  10. Johnny Football

    Taco Charlton on Jerry Jones’ criticism: It is “on me now” to prove Dallas wrong

    He had more than ample chance to prove them right, already. Failed.
  11. Johnny Football

    Report: Colin Kaepernick’s agent has contacted quarterback-needy teams

    Let's review: 1. He WALKED AWAY from a perfectly good contract with the 49ers, just QUIT the team. 2. Had already LOST his starting job because he was never really worth a shit to start with. 3. Hence the total lack of interest.
  12. Johnny Football

    Marshall Faulk: Zeke’s “fitness is great,” but can’t simulate contact

    Came back from Cabo last time, fat and flabby as I recall. Needed this time to get all the THC and crack out of his system ya see.
  13. Johnny Football

    Cardinals try to ignore warning sirens over “Air Raid” offense

    Air Raid is a gadget. It's not going to work in the NFL. Doesn't even really work well in college ball.
  14. Johnny Football

    Cowboys will wear blue jerseys in half their regular-season games

    This is wrong. Dallas didn't start wearing the white jerseys at home until the 1964 season. Prior to that the league had an unwritten rule disallowing the home team to wear white. ANNNNND Dallas wasn't the only team to wear white at home, it was merely the only one that kept on doing so. It's...
  15. Johnny Football

    President Trump would “love to see” Colin Kaepernick get a job in the NFL, “if he’s good enough”

    But, he's not and that's the ONLY reason he doesn't have a job. WINNING is what's good for business and if any of the 32 teams thought he could be a winner, he would have been signed.
  16. Johnny Football

    Sean Lee playing special teams

    More opportunities to rupture his labia.
  17. Johnny Football

    Tony Romo: Jason Witten will pick up right where he left off

    That ain't saying a whole hell of a lot.
  18. Johnny Football

    Welcome to Pro Football Forums | Rules

    The plan is to appoint moderator(s) for each team. If traffic ever starts.:D
  19. Johnny Football


    Stick around, Johnny knows a lot and will teach you, gwashoppa.
  20. Johnny Football


    He could sing too, was one of the original "Sons of the Pioneers."