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  1. Catching Up with Dalvin Cook: Awards, Post-Kubiak Vikings & Offseason Goals

    What's going on with Coach Kubiak now? I can't find any information on his future work. After he was retired from the Vikings, is he no longer employed? I found an article on wikipedia - - but it doesn't say anything about his job after the Vikings...
  2. Week 16 Power Rankings: 1-32 poll, plus the most underrated standout on each team

    For 2020, this is a good rating. It's funny to see how some of the guys in this ranking are screwed up by 2023.
  3. Eagles waive three players, including Jamie Newman

    How easily someone's opinion changes when they hear an authority... I wouldn't have thought Newman was a strong player. But since Gil Brandt said so :oops:
  4. Jerry Jeudy lauds Alabama’s ability to produce NFL receiver talent

    Competition always raises the level of the game. Saban was very good when I followed him. What about him now?
  5. Rusty Hardin: NFL has yet to interview Deshaun Watson

    I haven't followed the story. How did it end? Accusations for actions during a massage session - did he molest the masseuse?
  6. Howie Roseman: We’re constantly striving to draft better

    Roseman cleverly shifted responsibility to Pederson and Wentz! How does this work? Decisions were made together and only two were responsible? Roseman is a clever man.
  7. McCaskey, Kelly speak at QB Coaching Summit

    Quite a good write-up on scouting. Starts with coaches, ends with scouts. McCaskey always does that :D
  8. NFLPA prez calls for end to minicamps, OTAs

    I doubt it will ever become the rule.
  9. Gordon joins Manziel in new league, owner says

    A lot has happened since then. No more updates on this forum?