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  1. Festus

    who is the Seattle Seahawk player in this autographed photo?

    Yore quastion done got itself answered over at the Dallas Cowboys Universe forum by a buncha foot ball experts who knows what dey talkin bout they even got one of em is from across the seas an he's the one what figgered this out for ya. Read it here...
  2. Festus

    Babe Laufenberg's son Luke dies of cancer at 21

    It wuz a sad day for those of us who remember him.
  3. Festus

    No Hollywood Ending For Kyler Murray, Cardinals Against Rams

    They gone be okay with this guy quarterbackin.
  4. Festus

    Bears committed to Trubisky as 2020 starter

    They ain't nothin wrong with Trubisky cept the coachin he's been gettin. They wont let him do the stuff he does best.
  5. Festus

    Browns have “strong interest” in Urban Meyer, per current Urban Meyer colleague

    Urban meyer will make somebody a good coach I think
  6. Festus

    PFT’s 2019 All-Pro team

    I think betwixt the fan vote and the coaches and the players votes, they got it purty right dis year.
  7. Festus

    Jerome Henderson out as Falcons secondary coach

    Heel be a good interview for the teams thats interviewin for new head coaches.
  8. Festus

    Giants complete interview with Kris Richard

    They kin have him as far as Im concerned.
  9. Festus


    Thankee. Kinda looks like it's hard to git, people to come and join a new site donut? Sorry I ain't been here much myself.
  10. Festus

    Here’s an overtime compromise that is sure to never be considered

    As it should be. Because it's idiotic.
  11. Festus

    Kraft releases statement, says he is "truly sorry."

    Yeah, "truly sorry" he got caught is all.
  12. Festus

    Can Johnny Manziel Help the Memphis Express Get on Track?

    Thats a lie right there. The city of Frisco owns the facility, the Dallas Cowboys organization only leases it as operator. It's the same way with their stadium, the city of Arlington owns that not Jerry Jones.
  13. Festus

    49ers Re-sign RB Raheem Mostert, Sign P Justin Vogel

    THIS the team yall better be lookin out for outta all of 'em.
  14. Festus

    Johnny Manziel confident he can play “at any level anywhere”

    He can "play" but can he WIN at any pro level. Hell, I can "play" that don't make a hill of beans.
  15. Festus

    Robert Kraft’s lawyers file motion to suppress all evidence in solicitation case

    I seen where normal people they just take the plea deals on this kinda charges quietly and move on with their lives. But really he can't do that, he's gotta protect himself from the league itself but I really doubt that's much of a threat to him. Although in today's age maybe it will be. We've...
  16. Festus


    Im Festus and I been a pro football fan since I was a yonker. And really Im not that big-a fan of any one team I like most all of 'em. Dont really hate any of 'em. If it's on TV I'll watch it. Glad I found this place.