Moose Johnston joins Dallas XFL team as director of player personnel


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Mar 18, 2019

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A beloved former Cowboy will take a job with the Dallas XFL team.

Daryl “Moose” Johnston, the former Cowboys fullback and current FOX commentator, will join the XFL as the director of player personnel in Dallas. Johnston will work alongside Bob Stoops, who will be the head coach in Dallas.

Johnston spent the early part of this year working as the General Manager of the San Antonio franchise in the Alliance of American Football. That did not end well, as Johnston said he and other employees were “misled” about the AAF’s financial backing, and he felt personally embarrassed that the league collapsed without even finishing its first season.

The good news in the XFL is that Vince McMahon has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of WWE stock to finance the league, meaning it is highly likely to make it through its first season. McMahon has said he’s willing to lose money in his first three seasons in an effort to lay the foundation for the league’s success.

Johnston’s tenure with the AAF gives him an idea of the player personnel available to upstart leagues. And it will hopefully give him some ideas for what an upstart league should not do.

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