Philip Rivers: 2018 Chargers could have gone 16-0, or 6-10


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Mar 19, 2019

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One of the most compelling (and for the teams most maddening) realities of the NFL is that most games are close games, with the potential outcomes going either way. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers recently illustrated that point in relation to his team’s 2018 season.

“We could have won them all,” Rivers told Nick Hardwick and Jon Schaeffer of XTRA 1360 in San Diego. “Like we could have gone undefeated. We could have. And we also could have gone 6-10.”

The Chargers went 12-4, and three of the losses came by 10 or more points. But they could have indeed won each of those three games — vs. Chiefs, at Rams, and vs. Ravens.

The challenge for the Chargers in 2019 will be to forget about 12-4 and, more importantly, to forget about the way the season fell apart in the divisional round and to focus on winning one game at a time. All too often, teams that managed to string together a bunch of wins one year can’t duplicate it the next year, because they allow themselves to think based on a great record that it came easier than it did.

It never comes easy. Which makes what the Patriots continue to do even more impressive. They’ve found a way to expunge the outcome of the prior season from their brains, and to focus obsessively on what’s next. If the Chargers can do that in 2019, they may get another crack at the Pats in January.

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