Week 1: Big Expectations/Big Letdown


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Sep 12, 2021
I’ve been a Colts fan since 1967 and will be a Colts fan until the day I leave this planet. I watched all of the pre-season games, all of the pre-season media, posts, etc. and was absolutely convinced that the Colts would beat the Seahawks or at least be respectable. But…..

Is the offensive line really as good a last year? I really think they’re too much into their heads about how good they are or could be. Ok, Eric Fisher - whatever. But 4 sacks, anemic rushing yards while the game still mattered.

Is Frank Reich’s play calling really that effective? I really don’t think so. Maybe Frankie is a lil scared that Carson is gonna go off script and revert to being too aggressive and make mistakes. Hey Frank - get over it. Let the kid play football and make mistakes.

is the Colts defense too soft? Today they definitely were. Where’s the killer mentality and punch them in the face. Fleus, Floose, F-lose - get over it. Grow up and buy a pair.

C’mon man. Walk the talk!! I fell for it this pre-season - hook line and stinker.

Let’s go Shoe!!

Johnny Football

Feb 28, 2019
"Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth." -- Mike Tyson.

Preseason means nothing. The mouth hitting doesn't start until week one