17-0 Chiefs? It’s a 40-1 shot


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Mar 19, 2019
Super Bowl LV

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Before the Chiefs can become the first team to go 20-0, they need to go 17-0. And you can bet on whether they will.

Via PointsBet, the Chiefs have the best odds of any team to go undefeated in the NFL’s first-ever 17-game season, at +4000. The Buccaneers have +5000 odds to accomplish that same feat.

Since they don’t play each other, there’s a chance both will go 17-0.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Lions and Texans. Houston has +2500 odds to become the first 0-17 team in league history. The Lions are +2800 to do the same. They don’t play each other, either; they both could could go 17-0.

The Lions were the first team to go 0-16, in 2008. A year earlier, the Patriots became the first and only team to go 16-0.