2021 Draft allowed Panthers to stockpile athletes

Sir Purr

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Mar 16, 2019

"Brady was a two-star recruit coming out, but as he gained size and strength, he really worked on his athleticism," Stroshine said. "The speed work he did was the same that we do with defensive backs and receivers. And his body really soaked it up, and he adapted quickly.

"After you do that for a while, you remember what being an athlete feels like."

Stroshine puts all his players through a series of baseline tests when he begins working with them, so he can gauge their progress. One of those tests is a series of three broad jumps. The goal for any player is to get to 10 yards. Christensen's baseline came at 9 yards, with a long of 9 feet, 3 inches. Adding a foot to each jump, and crossing that 10-yard threshold indicates the work was successful.

How that translates into football, and his future position, remains to be seen. The Panthers think he could play guard as well. Of all his measurables, his 32-1/4-inch arms are on the short side, and remain some degree of concern.

Christensen believes he has other qualities to show it's not a problem.