A.J. Brown tried to give No. 11 to Julio Jones, but he wouldn’t take it


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Mar 20, 2019
Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans

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During his recruitment of receiver Julio Jones, Titans receiver A.J. Brown joked that he wouldn’t be giving up No. 11. Now that Jones is on the team, Brown won’t be giving up No. 11.

Tweeted Brown: “#11 until I retire. I tried to give it up and he wouldn’t take it.”

Most assume Jones will end up in No. 8, the number he wore at Alabama. Currently, No. 8 has been assigned to rookie punter James Smith. In other words, Jones will have No. 8 if he wants it.

If Brown had changed from No. 11, someone would have had to pay retail price for all unsold jerseys. It’s unclear whether that was or wasn’t an issue. Either way, that potential obligation makes it easier for Jones to embrace a new number with his new team, and a lot cheaper for Brown to stay in No. 11.