Andy Reid: Noah Gray looks like a QB-friendly tight end

KC Wolf

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Mar 19, 2019
Super Bowl LV

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Tight end Noah Gray has been impressing the right people since being selected in the fifth round of this year’s draft.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes sang the rookie’s praises early in the OTA period and said that Gray “knows how to get himself open even if it’s not exactly what the play is designed to do.” As the offseason program wound down, it was head coach Andy Reid’s turn to shine a light on what Gray has been doing since joining the roster.

“He’s a smart kid and he works hard,” Reid said, via “You can see that. You can see that he’s a good route-runner. There’s more to that spot than just doing that, so we’ll see once he gets pads on, but he sure is willing to do whatever we’ve asked. And you get a sense that he’s quarterback-friendly so that always helps if you’re a receiver. If quarterbacks like throwing the ball to you, that’s a plus, and he’s presented himself that way so far.”

Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are the top two receiving targets in Kansas City, but things are fluid behind them heading into the 2021 season. There’s been talk of featuring running backs as receivers more often, but continued flashes from Gray should have him in the mix for some action as well.