Bettors putting money on Tim Tebow under 2.5 touchdowns prop bet in Las Vegas

Jaxson De Ville

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Mar 19, 2019
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

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Plenty of people have money to spend on Tim Tebow‘s NFL comeback, whether they’re buying his jerseys or betting against him.

At Station Casinos in Las Vegas, a prop bet of Tebow scoring over or under 2.5 touchdowns for the Jaguars this season got far more action than player prop bets typically get at this time of year, and about five times as much money has been bet on the under as the over.

“The interest has absolutely exceeded my expectations,” Station Casinos sportsbook director Chuck Esposito told David Purdum of ESPN. “I thought 2.5 was low myself. But the bettors have liked the under so far. It’s generated a tremendous amount of interest, chatter, water cooler talk and some limit bets.”

An important caveat is that Tebow has to play for the Jaguars in Week One or else all bets regarding his season totals will be canceled and the money refunded. Tebow is viewed as a long shot to make the Jaguars’ roster, so the most likely result is that none of this betting results in any payoffs, or any losses.