Chad Johnson goes distance in four-round boxing exhibition

Who Dey

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Mar 18, 2019


Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson entered a boxing ring for the first time on Sunday night, as the opening fight of the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul undercard. Fighting Brian Maxwell, a bare-knuckles specialist with some boxing and MMA history, Johnson went the distance.

Johnson was knocked down in the fourth and final round, but he wasn’t knocked out. And that would have been the only way for either boxer to register a win, because there was no decision.

Not a draw. A no-decision. As in no decision was made or even intended.

It was like that for all of the fights, apparently, including the main event. Which raises an interesting question. Did anyone bother to mention the fact that there would be no winners or losers before folks plunked down $49.99 to watch the fight? We want winners and losers when we watch sports. If there isn’t going to be a winner or a loser, why watch?

“I lost my virginity tonight and it was fun,” Johnson said after the fight. “I think I’m ready for [Conor] McGregor.”

That’s a stretch, given that Johnson wasn’t even ready for Pacman Jones. As PFT reported weeks ago, Johnson refused to fight his former Cincinnati teammate.