Dolphins, other Miami teams providing relief after condo collapse

The Dolphin

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Mar 19, 2019


A tragic situation in Miami has resulted in a massive mobilization of first responders and volunteers searching through the rubble of a collapsed condo. Miami’s pro sports teams have provided relief to those involved.

Via Sports Business Journal, the Dolphins (along with the Heat, Marlins, and Panthers) have provided food and supplies at the site of the collapse. The Dolphins sent multiple food trucks.

Mike Cugno of CBS Miami has posted video of Jaylen Waddle and Jerome Baker bringing supplies to the family reunification center.

Currently, four have died and 159 are missing. Crews are using microphones and dogs as they search for survivors buried in the rubble of the 12-story condo that partially collapsed.

It’s a horrible situation for those involved. The search for survivors inevitably will result in the discovery of more bodies. Those doing the searching need as much support as they can get, in whatever form they can get it. Hopefully, other Miami institutions will be inspired by the efforts of the pro sports teams to pitch in.