Dolphins sign Mark Walton

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Mar 18, 2019

Getty Images

Running back Mark Walton is getting his second chance.

The Dolphins have signed running back Mark Walton after a weekend tryout at the team’s rookie minicamp.

A fourth-round pick in 2018, the Bengals cut Walton earlier this year after a trio of arrests.

The Dolphins also signed center Kirk Barron and cornerback Jamar Summers. The Dolphins waived/injured center Connor Hilland and safety Rob Rolle.

The Dolphins brought Walton to the rookie minicamp for a look-see. On Saturday, coach Brian Flores explained that “think people deserve a second chance.” Beyond the fact that giving an NFL player a second chance takes away another NFL player’s first chance, the reality is that the only guys who get second chances are those deemed to be talented enough to warrant one.

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