Frank Clark: I’d be a fool not to chase Aaron Donald numbers as reigning DPOY

KC Wolf

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Mar 19, 2019


Defensive end Frank Clark has played an integral role in the Chiefs playoff runs the last two seasons. In Kansas City’s 2020 postseason run, he had 3.0 sacks and another five tackles for loss in three games.

But Clark’s regular-season numbers left something to be desired, particularly for a player under a $105.5 million contract with $63.5 million guaranteed.

Clark had just 6.0 sacks in 15 games with eight tackles for loss, two passes defensed, and a fumble recovery. On Tuesday, Clark admitted he didn’t hit his sack goal from last season. But the defensive end added he has to clear his mind of such issues now.

“It’s been a long two years for us personally,” Clark said. “I just look forward to getting back out there when the season starts and doing what I love to do — rushing the passer and stopping the run.”

To that end, Clark said his goal is always to get at least 10 sacks. But he’s also trying to get firmly entrenched in the upper echelon of the league’s defensive players.

“You get 15, that’s even better. You get 20, you’re in a whole different league — you’re talking defensive MVP talks,” Clark said. “But my goals, I set them high. If I’m not looking at myself and competing with these quarterbacks of the NFL and chasing MVP numbers and Aaron Donald as a reigning defensive MVP, I’d be a fool. But I’ve got to set my standards high so that if I do fall short, I’m not disappointed. And I feel like that’s my ultimate goal.”

Clark does have some work to do to match Donald’s numbers, though. Over the last four seasons, Donald’s recorded 57.5 sacks — an average of about 14.5 per season. Clark has never had more than 13.5 in a single season, averaging 9.0 in the last four years.

Clark has been a Pro Bowl selection in each of his first two seasons with Kansas City. He has 49.0 sacks with 55 tackles for loss and 101 quarterback hits in six total seasons between the Seahawks and Chiefs.