Greg Olsen: Tight ends as a group are underpaid


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Mar 20, 2019
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Greg Olsen made $69.198 million in his 14-year NFL career, but a $6.5 million base salary in 2018 is the most he ever received in a single season.

In a recent appearance on Pardon My Take, Olsen said tight ends are not paid enough compared to left tackles and receivers. Olsen’s point is: Tight ends block like left tackles and run routes and catch passes like receivers. Yet, left tackles and receivers are paid more on average.

“We have to do the same s— that a $15 million left tackle has to do and run the same routes against the same guy that a $15 million wide receiver has to run routes against, and they’re going to pay us $7 million,” Olsen said.

Twenty left tackles average more than $7 million per season led by Trent Williams‘ $23.01 million average with the 49ers, and 32 receivers average more than $7 million per season led by DeAndre Hopkins‘ $27.25 million average with the Cardinals, per Only 12 tight ends average more than $7 million per season led by George Kittle‘s $15 million annual average with the 49ers.

Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts signed his rookie deal Tuesday. In the fourth overall draft slot, he received $32.9 million fully guaranteed over four years, with a signing bonus just over $21 million. It made him the seventh-highest paid player at his position before he ever plays a down.