Jalen Ramsey doesn’t understand why Rams didn’t pursue Julio Jones


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Mar 19, 2019
Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons

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The Rams were in on Julio Jones for a short period of time. Then, they were out. With Jones now a Titan, L.A. cornerback Jalen Ramsey is confused.

“[T]his is all it took for a generational guy & we were ‘out’ of the Julio sweepstakes!?” Ramsey tweeted on Sunday. “Wow we woulda been unstoppable for real with all them weapons lol!”

Even though it took only a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 fourth-round pick to get Jones and a 2023 sixth-round pick, the Rams ultimately couldn’t justify yet another all-in move. Sure, they could have dangled their 2024 first-round pick (they don’t have one until then) if they really wanted Jones, but the transaction is far more complicated than the price tag in draft picks. The Rams would have had to figure out how to absorb Jones’ contract. They also would have had to pay Jones, either on the way in the door or after one season.

One team can have only so many high-priced, big-name players. The Rams have Ramsey, defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and quarterback Matthew Stafford. Receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp are making good money, too. Jones would require yet another major financial commitment to be made.

The problem for the Rams, with so many star players, becomes obvious. They’ll lack veteran depth, and they’ll need those star players to never get injured. If one or more can’t play for a large chunk of the season, the whole thing could fall apart.

That challenge already exists. With Jones, the stakes would have only gotten higher.