Jared Goff: Dan Campbell and Anthony Lynn have really empowered me


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Mar 19, 2019
Detroit Lions Off-Season Workout

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Head coach Dan Campbell’s reviews of starting quarterback Jared Goff have been quite positive — as they should be during the offseason program.

That praise is going both ways.

During his Tuesday press conference, Goff spoke positively of the environment Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes have created. Plus, he likes that Campbell and offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn have sought Goff’s insight and input as the team goes through its offseason installation process.

“Any time you get a change of scenery, it’s always a fresh start, a breath of fresh air,” Goff said. “And I said this I think maybe earlier, but it’s kind of like there’s a lot of guys with that. Obviously, the coaching staff is brand new. There’s a whole bunch of new players. I’m, obviously, a part of the new player regime. We’ve got a lot of young players as well. It’s a lot of fresh starts, so that kind of energy is all around the building.

“But I think in regards to myself personally, Dan and A-Lynn have really empowered me to kind of [say], what do I want? What do I like? How do I want to see it? How do we want to do things? And they’re constantly bouncing things off me, and I’m constantly bouncing things off them. That’s been a healthy relationship and something that’s been fun for me to experience and be a part of guys that are really wanting to hear from me and wanting to hear what I like.”

Goff added that he didn’t mean that in comparison to any previous experiences he’s had in the league — i.e. with the Rams, who traded Goff after clear erosion of the relationship between him and head coach Sean McVay.

Either way, Goff has a fresh start for 2021. Time will tell if he can become the kind of quarterback that can help Detroit win its first playoff game since 1991.