Kevin Stefanski working from Minnesota as Browns prepare for draft, rest of offseason


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The last few weeks have seen many Americans make the move to working remotely, including the staffs of NFL football teams because of team facilities being shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski is working a bit more remotely than some others in the organization. Stefanski said on a Thursday conference call that he is in Minnesota with his wife and three children as their permanent move to Cleveland on hold at the moment.

Stefanski shared a sentiment that many of us would agree with when he said the moment is “testing his parenting skills” while also testing the ability of the team to work out plans for the draft and offseason without being in the same place.

“All 32 clubs are going to be playing by the same rules, whether we see our players by a Surface tablet,” Stefanski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “We’re in the same boat as everybody else. We’re all dealing with this. The scouts have done a great job. It’s a unique year.”

Stefanski said he may still be in Minnesota when the draft begins on April 23 and said, despite some challenges, “it’s amazing what you can [get] done remotely.” The Browns were set to start their offseason program on Monday and Stefanski said the team has a plan in place for doing that remotely as well.