Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, together again

Sir Purr

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Mar 16, 2019

Kuechly said he didn't have specific career goals in mind, but Davis has already begun to branch out.

After the Panthers released him following the 2018 season, Davis spent a productive year with the Chargers in 2019, but was a little-used reserve with Washington last year in a reunion with former Panthers coach Ron Rivera.

Davis drew some laughs when he said "Washington gave me all the closure I need," and mentioned some of his own future endeavors.

He's the co-owner of an indoor football team here, and said he has an audition soon for an analyst role with the SEC Network.

Toward that end, Davis and Kuechly spent much of the program breaking down each others games, and reminiscing about some of the classic moments in team history, from the spotlight games to the daily grind of training camp practices against teammates.

Davis joked that he wasn't sure he was going to like Kuechly, since he was drafted at a time when Davis was coming off his third torn ACL.

"In my mind, they just drafted this dude to replace me, so I'm like 'Man, I don't like this dude,'" Davis said. "But when Luke comes into the building, and you instantly meet this guy, he makes it extremely hard not to like him.

"He's one of the best men, best players you'll ever meet. He's a guy, as a father of a daughter, he's a guy you want your daughter to bring home to meet you."