Lynn Bowden Jr. on Tua Tagovailoa: When he lets it loose, we’ll win every game

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Mar 19, 2019
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

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Lynn Bowden Jr. expected to spend his rookie season playing for the Raiders after they drafted him in the third round, but he wound up making his NFL debut with the Dolphins last September.

The Raiders traded Bowden and a 2021 sixth-round pick to Miami for a fourth-round selection in a deal that reports said was made due to off-field concerns. Bowden had been at a house raided by police during the offseason, but he was not arrested. Bowden told Tyler Dunne of Go Long that he called Raiders coaches immediately after and felt “nobody was sticking up for me.”

Bowden played quarterback at Kentucky and worked as a running back in his brief time with the Raiders, but he moved to wide receiver with the Dolphins and came on strong at the end of the year. He had 27 catches for 212 yards in the final five games of the season and he told Dunne he thinks bigger things are coming for him and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in their second NFL seasons.

Tagovailoa said recently that he didn’t fully grasp the playbook as a rookie and Bowden said the quarterback played “a little scared” at times last season, but he thinks that everything can come together for him in 2021.

“When he lets it loose and he’s being himself, we’ll win every game,” Bowden said. “When he’s feeling himself and he’s moving and doing his thing, Tua is one of the best quarterbacks, literally, around. And people don’t know that yet.”

The Dolphins added Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle to the receiving corps this season and it’s not yet clear how all of the pieces are going to fit around Tagovailoa. If he can make good on Bowden’s prediction, however, there should be plenty of work to go around.