NFL tweaks rules for interviewing G.M. candidates who work for playoff teams

Freddie Falcon

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The Falcons, Lions, Panthers, and Jaguars are still looking for General Managers. The rules regarding the search process during a pandemic have become relaxed, a bit.

On Thursday, the league sent a memo to all teams explaining that teams may now conduct in-person interviews with G.M. candidates whose teams are still playing in the playoffs, under specific circumstances.

First, it must be a second or subsequent interview. Second, the candidate must live outside the city where his current team is located (it’s not as uncommon as you’d think) and will not, absent medical clearance from NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills, visit his team’s facility, attend practices or games, or be around coaches, players, or other essential staff while his team is playing in the playoffs.

Last month, the NFL informed teams that in-person interviews may occur only after the playoff run has ended for the candidate’s current team.

This change strongly suggests that one or teams looking for General Managers have been jostling for the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interviews with candidates whose teams are still in the postseason. Revisions like this don’t happen spontaneously; someone lobbied for it, and got it.

Only one G.M. has been hired in the current process: Nick Caserio, by the Texans.