Nick Caserio addresses Deshaun Watson situation says a “decision” is coming before camp


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Mar 19, 2019


The Texans haven’t said much about quarterback Deshaun Watson in recent weeks. On Monday, G.M. Nick Caserio said more than anyone from the team has said, in a while

“We’re taking it one day at a time and really control the things we can control,” Caserio said in an appearance on Sports Radio 610, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, when asked whether the organization has addressed the Watson situation with the other players on the team. “The players have been focused on their attitude and their approach in the building, and they’ve handled everything very well.”

Caserio tried to repeat the team’s non-talking talking points about Watson, but Caserio made a potentially telling remark.

“I don’t have any additional comments about anything,” Caserio said. “I think we’re respectful of what’s happening, respectful of the process and everybody that’s involved. The most important thing is for all of us, the coaches and players and myself included, is to focus on the things we can control. As we get more information, as we get closer to training camp, we’ll try to make the best decision for the Houston Texans, whatever that entails.”

The only decision the Texans could make is to trade Watson or to not trade him. If the 22 lawsuits pending against him are resolved, that’s an easy question. If they’re not resolved, it becomes considerably more complicated.

At that point, the Texans have to choose between taking whatever they can get given the possibility that Watson will be placed on paid leave and risking that he’ll show up, be placed on paid leave, and they’ll have to pay him more than $10 million to not play for the team in 2021.

Caserio’s comments suggest that they’ll make a decision based on whatever information they have in July, and that it remains possible he’ll be traded even if the litigation has not been settled.