Patrick Mahomes on his toe: I don’t see any problems moving forward

KC Wolf

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Mar 19, 2019


Patrick Mahomes had to undergo surgery to repair ligaments in the big toe of his left foot at the beginning of the offseason. While the initial thought was that he would be limited for the offseason program, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Now at the end of minicamp, Mahomes feels good about his foot.

“I don’t see any problems moving forward,” Mahomes said during his Thursday press conference. “Obviously, I’ll have to continue with the rehab, continue to work on those things — strengthen it, do all that different type of stuff. But I feel like I had a good OTAs, a good minicamp. I was able to move around, scramble around and do the things that I needed to do.”

It never seemed like Mahomes would miss any snaps in training camp following the offseason surgery. But after the toe injury clearly impacted Mahomes during the postseason, it’s likely a relief for all of Kansas City that the QB feels this good heading into the summer break.