Patrick Peterson trade talk not going away

KC Wolf

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Mar 19, 2019

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Despite the Cardinals’ insistence that Patrick Peterson will remain in Arizona, talk that he could be traded has not gone away.

The Arizona Republic published a roundup of the rumors, which include former NFL player Antonio Bryant continuing his Twitter campaign that Peterson will be traded to the Chiefs.

Bryant’s track record is not impressive. He repeatedly claimed before the draft that the Cardinals would not draft Kyler Murray. His tweets can safely be ignored.

But what can’t be ignored is the fact that Peterson knows about all the talk that he’s unhappy in Arizona — including a report last month that he was angry with someone in the Cardinals’ front office — and he has done nothing to dispute that talk. If Peterson wants to remain a Cardinal, he could settle all this in five seconds by tweeting, “I will play for the Cardinals this year.” He hasn’t done that, even as Arizona’s biggest newspaper runs an article suggesting he may want out.

So although there are no solid reports of any kind of trade deal in place, the trade talk is likely to continue. At least until we hear from Peterson.

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