Quick Hits: Bears minicamp Day 2 notebook

Staley Da Bear

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Mar 16, 2019

Robinson focusing on football

Although he's been unable to reach an agreement on a long-term extension with the Bears, receiver Allen Robinson II is participating in this week's mandatory minicamp and said Wednesday that he intends to report to training camp on time.

The Bears placed a franchise tag on Robinson in March, guaranteeing him 120 percent of his 2020 salary. The two sides have until July 15 to agree on an extension, but Robinson isn't dwelling on his contract situation.

"Whether something gets done or not, it's just something that's not fully in my control," Robinson said. "Things happen, things change. But it's not something that I can concern myself with too much. I'm just trying to focus on the things that I can, which is being a better player, being a better teammate, helping us go out here and win more games."

Nagy isn't surprised that Robinson's focus is on football.

"It just goes to show who he is, being able to show up here in mandatory camp," Nagy said. "It shows what kind of teammate that he is and what the game means to him. We know that. We understand that. We appreciate that from him. And I think that if you would ask his teammates and you would ask his coaches and you would ask the rest of our organization—support staff, personnel department and Ryan Pace—we would all agree that that doesn't surprise us that he's here. He's just a really good person that cares a lot about winning, and we appreciate that."

Bears to regain home-field advantage

Nagy was excited about Wednesday's announcement that Bears fans will be welcomed back to Soldier Field at full capacity for the 2021 season.

"It's awesome news for us, for our fans and for our city," Nagy said. "I mean, when they get going, and I think back to in particular for me, selfishly, in 2018 when we were in that playoff game against the Eagles, it just gives you chills what that atmosphere was like, and how crazy it gets and the passion that they have."

There was a noticeable difference last season when no fans were permitted to attend Bears home games due to COVID-19.

"Now, when you have that and everybody from a year off of not being in the stands, now they get to come back, are you kidding me?" Nagy said. "It doesn't get any better than that. The players, the coaches, we all feed off of that, and it's such an advantage when you're at home for the defense. They love that.

"Last year when … your own players are cheering like a high school game on the sideline, it's quiet, it's just different. Now to have our fans back, that's beautiful news and I know our fans are going to be pumped and excited. And now, it's our job to go out there and put a great product out there so that we can make them cheer and get excited and use them as an advantage."