Rams raise $2.3 million for charity through fans’ hatred of their logo


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There’s a silver lining to the widely panned new Rams logo: It helped raise money for some good causes.

After fans almost universally ripped the Rams’ new logo as ugly and amateurish, the Rams decided to have some fun with it, with Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff promising to read the meanest tweets about the logo if Rams fans would donate at least $2 million to United Way of L.A. and the L.A. Regional Food Bank.

By Friday, fans had donated $2.3 million, so Demoff posted a video of himself reading the tweets.

“If you’re low on toilet paper, don’t worry. You can now get it on NFL Shop,” one tweet said.

“The new LA Rams logo is the major way of social distancing,” said another.

Demoff also acknowledged that the backlash against the Rams had caused some reflection within the organization.

“While it isn’t always the easiest to hear, we value the commentary you have provided on the logo & colors,” Demoff tweeted. “We are excited about the future of our team, our brand & our stadium, but recognize we can always get better through feedback and engagement and appreciate your passion.”

The Rams took the ‘L’ on this one, and turned it into a win for their community.