Remembering when DeShaun Foster ran through tackles on a play that "took a minute and a half" in the NFC Championship game

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For Panthers fans, it's the longest 1-yard touchdown run in NFL playoff history. It took "a minute and a half," according to the famed radio call by former play-by-play voice Bill Rosinski. And it sealed Carolina's 14-3 win over Philadelphia in the 2003 NFC Championship game, sending the Panthers to their first Super Bowl.

Of course, we're talking about DeShaun Foster's toss play that strung out to the right pylon, giving the Panthers an insurmountable lead late in the third quarter.

"The number one thing I was thinking was just don't go out of bounds," Foster told Kristen Balboni in the latest episode of "Inside Scoop."

"As I got to the outside, I just didn't want to go out of bounds because I knew I had lost a little bit of ground. That's why I attacked him, and I was able to get by him and score."

Foster broke the attempted tackles of six different Eagles on the play, starting with eventual Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins.

"I always tell my guys to not let the first defender tackle you," said Foster, now the running backs coach at his alma mater, UCLA. "If you want to be elite, you need to make that first guy miss."