Report: Browns spoke to Cam Newton, but no offers other than Pats


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The biggest football news of the weekend saw Cam Newton sign with the Patriots after an extended spell as a free agent following his release by the Patriots.

It was also apparently a quiet spell. Newton’s name was thrown out as a possibility for a variety of teams this offseason, but that conversation apparently didn’t spark discussions with too many clubs.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that no team other than the Patriots made an offer to Newton after his release. Schefter also named the Browns as the only other team to talk to Newton over the last few months.

Questions about Newton’s foot and right shoulder injuries at a time when he couldn’t visit teams likely helped limit the inquiries he received the last few months. Should the next few months show that those issues aren’t limiting him as a player, there will likely be a few teams wishing they were more aggressive when it came to pursuing the quarterback.