Rookie Diaries: Deonte Brown working to fit in

Sir Purr

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Mar 16, 2019

While here, Brown will work closely with Kate Callaway, the team's director of performance nutrition. Rhule called Callaway "one of the stars of this place," and she's already been in contact with her counterparts with Alabama to come up with a plan for Brown.

"I know Kate will do what it takes to help him," Rhule said. "She's really special."

Rhule said the team would also lean on the sports science department to put all the players who arrived this weekend through a series of body mass and movement and strength tests to help determine an ideal weight.

After they make that calculation, the hope is they can tap into Brown's natural power to help stabilize a line that has needed an overhaul after last season. What they don't know yet is how all the parts fit together. Brown played left guard at Alabama last year, starting all 13 games and earning All-SEC honors.

"I believe I have the athletic ability to be able to (compete for a starting job)," Brown said. "I believe I can play anywhere, it's just about opportunity."

This weekend gives him a chance to begin that process, reconnecting with offensive line coach Pat Meyer after a week at the Senior Bowl. That kind of access was key, and Brown considers himself fortunate to have it after last year's rookies had to prepare in a virtual format.

"Everything is learning in the classroom," Brown said. "If you can't learn it there, you really can't apply it to the field. So that's the first step.

"(This weekend) gives us the upper hand. I'm fortunate to be in a class where you get to be here in person, see the plays, actually get hands-on learning. That's different than just seeing a coach or seeing plays on the screen."