Sam Darnold has the arm, now they're working on feet

Sir Purr

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Mar 16, 2019

So far, he's encouraged by the work he's had with Darnold, and said the starter was an excellent student. Coupled with the arm strength which was evident when he was coming out of Southern Cal, his coaches have consistently talked about Darnold's approach to his new job being a good one.

"There's a great combination of seriousness, and really being dedicated to being a good quarterback at this level, and being professional which he definitely is," Ryan said. "He loves football; you see that right away. But sometimes we have long meetings, and there's going to be a five- or 10-minute window where we're going to joke around about whatever, or how bad we are at golf. And he can do that; he can be laid back.

"It's a good combination, and creates a good atmosphere for work in the room. Everybody knows when it's time to go."

Darnold admitted there are still plenty of things he needs to work on before the start of training camp; specifically mentioning becoming more familiar with formations and how they impact the plays he can call.

And that grasp of knowing which step to take next is the key to his learning style.