Season-ticket waiting list returns for Buccaneers

Captain Fear

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Mar 20, 2019
NFL: SEP 08 49ers at Buccaneers

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The Bucs are winning again. Which means they’re winning at the box office, too.

Via, the Buccaneers once again have a season-ticket waiting list. And fans can join it with up to $250 or $500 for the desired seat.

Per the report, the Buccaneers at one point had a season-ticket waiting list that had more than 100,000 names. In recent years, the Bucs had a very hard time even partially filling the stadium.

But with a new Lombardi Trophy and all 22 offensive and defensive starters returning for 2021, happy days are here again in Tampa. Even if they only last as long as quarterback Tom Brady‘s career does.

That said, acknowledges that this possibly is a marketing ruse. More likely, it’s a way to leverage current demand into future sales, for the year or two of the TB12 afterglow, before the team regresses to the pre-TB12 mean.