Three Big Things: #AZvsSF

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Two Weeks Apart, A Close Loss And The Beat-Up 49ers

The Cardinals and 49ers just played. The Cards, had they come up with a third-down stop, would’ve had a chance to get at least to overtime. Then the 49ers had to play Monday night against the Seahawks, losing a tough game to end their undefeated season and in the meantime, suffered a mountain of injuries. The Niners won’t have tight end George Kittle – who killed the Cards the first time – and might not have wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who also killed the Cards the first time. The entire 49ers inactives list is expected to be filled with players forced there by injury. The Cardinals, even on the road, have to find a way to take advantage. Is that easier or more difficult when you see a team for a second time in a three-game span?

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