Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes share Madden 22 cover

KC Wolf

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Mar 19, 2019


Goats usually don’t like to share centerstage. This year, the best ever and potentially the next best ever will share the cover of the Madden game.

EA Sports has announced that Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will do the honors again this year. Brady had the cover to himself in 2018, and Mahomes had it in 2020.

Given that few even buy the game in a box any longer makes the cover less meaningful than it used to be. However, the startup process will feature extensive images of the two players.

It’s odd for two ultra-alphas to consent to sharing this specific spotlight. It’s an even bigger gesture for Mahomes, since his team lost to Brady’s in the Super Bowl. Think of it this way: Would Brady have shared the cover with Mahomes if the Chiefs had beaten the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV? (Similarly, would Brady be doing The Match with Aaron Rodgers if Brady’s three-pick second-half meltdown had resulted in the Packers beating Tampa in the NFC Championship?)

That’s not passing judgment. It’s simply a fair question and an honest assessment. Brady’s not a very good loser. Which is one of the reasons he’s such a consistent winner.