Travis Kelce hesitated to get the vaccine, now encourages everyone to get it

KC Wolf

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Mar 19, 2019
AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs

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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce initially wasn’t sure he would get the COVID-19 vaccine. But he decided to get fully vaccinated so that he could feel safe around his family, and the experience went so well that he’s now encouraging everyone to get on board.

“I love being around family, [so] it was just kind of a family decision that if everybody got the vaccine, we would be able to be around each other safely and comfortably,” Kelce said, via the Kansas City Star. “So that was the biggest thing — it was huge for family. I was definitely hesitant, but it’s only here to help us, and I’m here to just spread the word to try and encourage everybody to get it.”

Kelce is now helping to publicize easy ways to get vaccinated, noting that fully vaccinated players will allow a normal NFL season, and fully vaccinated fans will allow full stadiums.

“I’m just glad that everything’s going to get back to normal here,” Kelce said. “I think this year is going to be absolutely nuts. I can already feel everybody getting back out in the community and the electricity the city’s bringing. Just being able to get back around each other, and I think this vaccine is only going to help make everybody safer and more comfortable to get back to daily life.”

Kelce is speaking out for a cause that may save lives.