Urban Meyer on Tim Tebow: “It’s been good so far”

Jaxson De Ville

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Mar 19, 2019


Jaguars coach Urban Meyer met with reporters on Thursday. Stunningly, he was asked no questions about Tim Tebow.

Appearing on Thursday with Rich Eisen, the T-word did indeed come up.

Eisen asked Meyer how it all came to be. As Meyer tells it (and as he’s told it before), Tebow approached Meyer.

“He mentioned to me that ‘I’m in the best shape of my life,’ and you can tell he is. And we had a chat and I said, ‘Well’ — he said, ‘Can you have a couple guys look at me?’ — and I said, ‘Well, obviously, let me think this thing through. You know, I don’t want this to turn into something that, you know, if it’s — but I said, ‘As long as it’s confidential and not a — yeah, I’ll let some guys look at you.’ And I showed up, and I left. On purpose. You know, and our G.M. was there, our tight end coach, and our offensive coordinator were there. And they put him through a workout, they came back to me and said, ‘My gosh, this guy’s in incredible shape. He’s a big athlete. Our tight end room has been struggling.’ . . . . They gave him some things to work on, and then they brought him back. . . . They came to me and said, ‘I think we should give him a shot.'”

It’s intriguing that Meyer wanted confidentiality, because as of the afternoon of the first day of the draft (not long before the Aaron Rodgers poop hit the propeller) the big news was that Tebow had worked out for the Jaguars. Tebow possibly signing with the Jaguars remained big news, until he did.

“And what’s the percentage of making the team?” Meyer told Eisen. “We don’t know. This is uncharted waters. This is gonna be very difficult. But he’s been doing great. He’s been doing great in practice. He’s learning the offense. As you can imagine, he’s working as hard as anybody. I see a good camaraderie amongst the team with him, and it’s been good so far.”

So what will Tebow represent in the locker room, as it relates to the culture that’s being created in Jacksonville?

“First of all, Tim’s one of 90. And the thing that I settled in with now, we have 90 and when you kick the ball off you have 48 I believe it is. Forty-six. This to me is a tryout for a lot of guys, and he falls into that category. To answer your question, he’s working his tail off.”

Here’s the reality: The same guy who dusted off Tebow’s football career is the same guy who will decide whether Tebow will be one of the 46 with a uniform come Week One. Given the number of people in the stands who will be wearing the jersey that goes with the Tebow uniform, it’s hard to envision him not being on the field.