Urban Meyer: Some Jaguars assistants got vaccinated to avoid losing Tier 1 status

Jaxson De Ville

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Mar 19, 2019
Jacksonville Jaguars Off-Season Workout

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The NFL put out a warning last week that some assistant coaches were in danger of losing their Tier 1 status — which means no face-to-face contact with players — because they hadn’t been vaccinated. At least some coaches got the message.

Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer told reporters today that some of his assistants got vaccinated in recent days because of an NFL memo reminding them that if they weren’t vaccinated, they wouldn’t have permission to coach in meeting rooms or on the practice field.

It shouldn’t have taken that warning, as the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, and everyone should get it. But for those coaches who needed a push, the NFL memo provided one.

It’s unclear how many coaches around the NFL remain unvaccinated, but it’s going to be difficult for them to do their jobs if they don’t get the vaccine.