Washington Football Team now appears on NFL, opposing team websites


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Thursday brought word that Washington’s move to drop its former team name and logo would lead them to play this season as the Washington Football Team, but the rebranding rollout didn’t happen all at once.

Old logos popped up for a while even after the team’s Twitter account was renamed and neither the league’s website nor those of the team’s 2020 opponents reflected the change to the team’s name. That has now changed.

Visitors to the NFL’s website will find the Washington Football Team and its W logo alongside the rest of the league. The change has also been made to the websites of the teams that have Washington on their schedule this season.

Some steps remain, including changing the URL of the Washington website, which has changed the look of the home page to reflect the changes, to remove the former team name. ESPN reported on Thursday that the team plans to remove all digital and physical references to that former name in the next 50 days.