Washington to keep colors while name change in process


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Washington’s no longer going to send out press releases with the racial slur nickname they decided to stop using.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the team will now refer to itself as the “Washington Football Team” until a new name is chosen.

They will also keep the burgundy and gold color scheme, and replace the old logo on the helmets with each player’s number in gold (like the University of Alabama).

That gives them time to work on a full re-brand, as getting that done by the regular season opener in September seemed ambitious.

But they do hope to remove the old markings “on physical and digital spaces” in the next 50 days, as they make the transition into the regular season. That will require new stationary and a new Twitter handle, among other things.

Stepping away from the old name’s a positive step, but hardly the only work the franchise has to do, after allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace from 15 former female employees.