WashingtonFootball.com debuts


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As the Washington football team continues its transformation to The Washington Football Team, one key piece of technological business has been addressed.

The team’s website is now known as WashingtonFootball.com.

The old domain still redirects to the new location, and presumably will do so indefinitely. Even if Washington no longer will actively use those names, logos, and trademarks, it will be critical to ensure that others can’t.

It’s the latest step in the ongoing eradication of the name from all team and league properties. And, for the most part, it’s working. For example, NFLShop.com only have four items left bearing the defunct name and/or logo.

The expected duration of the placeholder name remains unknown. Ideally for the franchise, it will last only one season. If the team becomes a contender in 2020, the basic concept of sports superstition will prompt some to argue that they should let it ride for another year.

And if the team should get to the Super Bowl with its temporary name, who knows? Maybe it will become permanent. Or at least a name with an indefinite shelf life, until the next time the franchise definitely needs a kick in the butt.