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Johnny Football

Feb 28, 2019
Hey, I have only one hard and fast rule here. DON'T troll "enemy" teams' forums. If for example you're a "Blue" fan and HATE Green, that's fine. STAY OUT OF THEIR FORUM THOUGH. This is NOT the site to be trolling the enemy. Keep your animus for the "enemy" team and its fans in your own team's forum.

Other than that I expect you to conduct yourself as an adult. Enjoy the boards, have fun, and stay away from penalty flags or you might find yourself locked in the Asthma Field.

Thanks for joining and remember - there's no limit on posting.

That is all.


Jun 2, 2019
Thanks. It could work I suppose... It's just an idea right now. I haven't tried to do much with it yet at this point.

Good to see ya.

It's ambitious, to say the least. But folks don't have to search far for news on rival teams. And it's got to be a bear to police and moderate all 32 team boards.