who is the Seattle Seahawk player in this autographed photo?


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Jan 2, 2021
I am hoping someone out there can help me. I bought an autographed photo at a recent auction in Tucson Arizona depicting two players: a Seahawk and a 49er. The photo is apparently autographed by the Seahawk. The handwriting is not entirely legible.

What I can make out is something like:
To (Jelery? Jefery?)
Best Wishes
Rafael Maris(?)

What is so interesting to me is a couple of things. Looking at the 49er in the photo and after Google research, I am certain this is Jeffery Avery Fuller, a safety who played for the San Francisco 49ers from 1984 to 1989. My research indicates that he wore #49. The inscription is hard to make out, but it could be "Jefery" (sic) -- an inscription to Jeffery Fuller.

The other interesting thing is that I cannot find the Seahawk player in the usual roster databases. Of course, I am not certain the name is "Rafael Maris" so I may be mistaken in my search to begin with. The number "43" is written on the photo. However, on inspection of the player's jersey, it appears that the number on the jersey is something more like "34" than "43." A mystery of sorts.

I would like to know the identity of the Seahawk player, and if, indeed, he made the inscription out to Jeff Fuller.

Any help you can give me that might shed some light on this little bit of history will be greatly appreciated.