You've Got Mail: 49ers Week, Part Two

Big Red

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I'd nitpick that the team is devoid of talent, unless you are discounting Murray, for instance, or Chandler Jones (who came in a trade Keim engineered.) I'm not going to argue the roster doesn't need significant upgrades. It does. I'm not going to argue that Keim's first-round picks have been good. They have not. And I know the drafts have not stood up long-term, but that doesn't mean the picks of guys like John Brown or Tyrann Mathieu, for instance, weren't good. Those guys produced. Those good teams in 2013, 2014, 2015, those were Keim's rosters. Carson Palmer was a Cardinal because Keim traded for him (Bruce Arians wanted to start Drew Stanton in 2013 before Keim went to get Palmer.) Look, I understand the fans' frustrations at the GM. I get if he has lost your trust. I expect we are going to find out if he can regain it.

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