You've Got Mail: Buccaneers Week

Big Red

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I don't know if I'll get into the grading of national experts, but there are guys who are good at it. But it's like anything else -- the closer you are to a situation, the better you'll truly understand it. I personally do think the line has been better this season. It is certainly not perfect, and I don't think anyone claims that. But when you are further from a situation, it's almost impossible to know details. I'm sure I miss nuances about other teams, or that fans in Arizona, for instance, are off-base in some circumstances when talking about the, say, Seahawks or 49ers. As for the film, though, anyone who ponies up for NFL GamePass can watch every game with the coaches film. That won't let you know exactly what the team is intending to do, but it's better than it was 15 years ago.

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