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"Darren, I know this is random, but I need to vent. Everybody looks forward to the open practices during training camp. It has become a Valley tradition. However, there is one aspect that is atrocious, and I'm quite surprised it hasn't been addressed: The autograph situation. The only people who get autographs are at the rail. Everybody else is screwed, because of course the rail people never move. When I was a kid, I remember going to the Cards' camp at the Tempe headquarters. I don't even think you were working for the Cards yet. But the point is, they had tables set up with players signing for 30 minutes. I got a bunch of autographs, and I still own that signed sheet. I would like all kids to get that experience, if just once."

Back when the Fan Fest was held at the team's Tempe facility, no I wasn't working for the team but I did cover the team. In those days, a lot fewer fans wanted to come see the Cardinals. These days, that doesn't make sense. There was a time when there was an autograph session at camp, but it became a logistical nightmare, and there were plenty of complaints then too -- because most people want the big names, and there is only so much time. The idea of the current setup is that there are guys signing autographs every practice, instead of just one time. I don't know if there is a perfect answer -- although I will say, if people on the rail made sure it was just the kids getting the autographs, then a lot more kids would get in there. I've seen plenty of autograph situations. Not everyone is a kid.

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