You've Got Mail: Mandatory Minicamp Week

Big Red

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Mar 16, 2019

Well, I do think you are discounting everything a head coach does, which at a 30,000-foot overview, still has to lead the team in various ways and be the face of the franchise and needs to be at least competent at those things. Kingsbury has been a head coach, albeit in college, so I do think that helps in that regard. Make no mistake, Kingsbury was hired in large part because of his offensive acumen. And Vance Joseph is basically in charge of the defense. There is also something to the argument that if Kingsbury is good at his offensive scheming -- which you are assuming he will be, since that's why you hired him -- he can't be hired away in his current spot. But there is only one way you'll get everyone saying it was a good hire, and that's if the Cardinals win games. Whether or not people say that now, frankly, doesn't really matter one way or the other.

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