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"This falls squarely in the realm of 'way too soon to worry about it' but in light of Mahomes' market-destroying contract, we must now think about Kyler's future contract. I'm happy guys get paid. I've always been pro-player in terms of financials. But gosh dang it, man. These QB numbers are ridiculous. The QB cap hits are now hurting teams. Something needs to happen. Put a 10-year cap on, with a max pay at $50M for the position. Let other positions get paid. In five years when it's Kyler's turn, he grabs that $50M? Or do you think by then, it'll be beyond $50M? Just wondering how rapidly this thing spins out of control. It's a blessing and curse having a young franchise QB."

I feel for running backs and players at other non-premium positions, but I don't like the idea of a quarterback cap. Market value should dictate what these guys are getting paid, and quarterback is easily the most valuable player on every team, so the salary should be commensurate. As for where the market is headed, I don't think we are going to see $50 million a year any time soon. Mahomes is clearly the best quarterback in the NFL, signed for 10 years, and still didn't come close to that average annual value. If Murray becomes a superstar, he's going to get a huge contract, but not 50-a-year huge. As for having a franchise quarterback, I wouldn't consider it a curse at all. Yes, the ability to stack the roster around Murray will be tougher if he gets a lucrative extension, but having a game-changer at that position is worth its weight in gold.

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