CBs Baker, Dunbar turn themselves in to jail

Nort Spews

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Mar 16, 2019
10:44 AM ET

New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar turned themselves in to the Broward County Jail on Saturday to satisfy arrest warrants in connection to an alleged robbery in Miramar, Florida, this week.

Baker's attorney, Bradford Cohen, said he has several affidavits from witnesses exonerating Baker of wrongdoing in the alleged crime. He said he plans to present those along with video evidence to the judge at the appropriate time.

"We believe our client is innocent of all charges," Cohen said. "We urge people not to rush to judgment. We have affidavits from several witnesses that exonerate my client."

Cohen confirmed that Baker turned himself in Saturday morning in an Instagram post, writing that he is a "believer in the system."

Baker, who faces four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, will appear in front of a judge Sunday. Among the items that will be addressed is his bond, according to Cohen.

Dunbar faces four counts of armed robbery with a firearm.

Baker and Dunbar were wanted by police over an alleged incident that took place late Wednesday night at a party. According to the arrest warrant, Baker and Dunbar are accused of stealing money and watches with force while armed with semiautomatic firearms. It states that Baker intentionally threatened victims with a firearm.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, multiple witnesses said at one point during the incident that Baker ordered another suspect wearing a red mask to shoot an individual who was just entering the party.

Dunbar's attorney, Michael Grieco, said he passed along five sworn affidavits from witnesses that exonerated Dunbar from wrongdoing to the state attorney's office. Grieco said these are the same witnesses who gave the original statements in the police report that led to the arrest warrants.

Despite both attorneys saying they have affidavits clearing their clients, the Miramar Police Department insisted they both turn themselves in and welcomed witnesses to add or change anything to their statement if they wished to do so. As of Saturday morning, police said none of the victims or witnesses had recanted their stories to them.

Grieco said police told him they would look into perjury charges for witnesses if they were found to be lying in any of their statements to police. He also said he's been in contact with Cohen but that there are a "different set of circumstances" with Baker than with his client.

The Miramar Police Department reiterated it is not treating Baker or Dunbar differently from any other suspect.