Quinnen Williams eager to sack Tom Brady, who was “in the NFL before I was born”

Broadway Joe

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Mar 19, 2019

Getty Images

Jets rookie Quinnen Williams knows that Tom Brady is the No. 1 target for any defensive lineman in the AFC East is. Even if he doesn’t know all the details about Brady’s biography.

Williams said that getting to sack Brady would be a special experience, and then made a comment about their age difference.

“It’s crazy because Tom Brady started playing in the NFL before I was born,” Williams said. “To sack him would be amazing.”

That is not correct. Williams was born in 1997. Brady was drafted in 2000. Brady isn’t quite as old as Williams thinks he is. And Williams’ presence in the division gives Brady one more reason to keep working on his pliability and staying one step ahead of the pass rush.

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